How to Host websites on a Cheap VPS

This is an easy guide for how to host websites on your cheap vps! Since we are a budget VPS provider and configuring your vps for hosting websites is beyond our support. We do not handle 3rd party software or managing your VPS. However, I can give you this information to send you in the right direction.

You can definitely host websites on your cheap VPS using virtual hosts. This lets Apache serve content based on what URL the browser asks for.

How to add a virtual website step by step:

1. Log into your cheap VPS as root with putty or your choice of SSH clients.

2. Create a new directory for your website using the following command.
– mkdir /var/www/

3. Open the Apache config file via the vi text editor or any editor of your choice.
– vi /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

4. Add all of these lines below to the bottom of the file (Edit accordingly of course):

– ServerAdmin
– DocumentRoot /var/www/
– ServerName
– ErrorLog logs/
– CustomLog logs/ common

– ServerAdmin Enter your own email address here.
– DocumentRoot Your website files directory.
– ServerName Your main host name of the server goes here.
– ServerAlias A complete list of other host names that the site should be available on, separated by spaces
– ErrorLog Errors for the virtual host will go here.
– CustomLog Each hit to the virtual host goes here.

5. Save the file and exit the editor.

6. And your final step is to run this last command:
– service httpd reload

You can google hosting a website on VPS for more information on this.

Hopefully this gets you started in the right direction!

Also another alternative is we could change you to a Reseller where you can easily host websites without having to configure the vps, or you can install cPanel which is about a $15 software.

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Vi Unix Editor on your Dallas VPS

The Vi Unix Editor is the default UNIX editor via command line on your budget VPS. If you plan on configuring your Dallas VPS (Virtual Private Server) you will definitely want to know how to use the Vi editor.

This post will only cover the absolute basics of using the Vi unix editor. Such as opening, creating, saving, and writing to a file.

Unix Vi Editor Modes

Command Mode: This mode can be accesed by opening a file using the command ‘vi file.conf’ without the ‘ on each side. Letters and combinations of letters are interpreted as commands.

Insert Mode: This mode is for editing text and inserting your own text into config files. You will either use the arrow keys to navigate or push the ‘Insert’ button on your keyboard.

Once in insert mode on your cheap Dallas VPS, you can use arrow keys to get to where you want to enter text and simply type text.

Line Mode: This mode can be accessed by pressing the ‘Esc’ button on your keyboard and type colon (J

Now you can quit, save, quit and save, or quit without saving.

:q simply quits if you have not made any changes
:wq write the file to disk and quit
:q! quit without saving
:w! yourfilenamegoeshere This will write all content fro the current file into ‘yourfilenamegoeshere’ and overwrite ‘yourfilenamegoeshere’
:n,m w! yourfilenamegoeshere writes all content from n to m into the file yourfilenamegoeshere, and overwrites ‘yourfilenamegoeshere’

Good luck with your Dallas VPS!

How to find a cheap and reliable low end vps

Finding a cheap and reliable low end vps can be a challenge! Many lower end vps’s can be very slow and unreliable! Rather than simply boasting about how good YDGH is, I am going to link to several other sources of finding some of the cheapest lower end vps’s! A low end vps or low end box is basically any virtual private server thats under $10 or in some cases websites put lower limits. For example LowEndBox requires all offers to be under $7. What you get for that very low cost is a virtual private server with a wide range of specs. Could be 64mb of ram or could be 1gb of ram. Could be 1gb of disk space on a cheap dedicated server, or it could be 100gb of raid protected disk space on a high end quality server! It all depends. But how do you know which budget vps offer is best?
Low End VPS
Well, its really hard to decide on a lower end virtual server because there are so many companies offering cheap vps servers! And most of these are cheaper than some shared hosting! So as many people will agree one of the best things to do is look at reviews. Keep in mind how old or new the reviews are, and never just take the first review as solid evidence of which provider to use! Read multiple reviews on the low end provider of virtual servers (vps) to determine which provider will be best for your needs! One great source of reviews is Web Hosting Talk be sure to read reviews carefully and again read more than one review! Also as I mentioned LEB earlier for a great source of finding the cheapest vps to fit your needs, Low End Talk and Digital Point are a great source of talking and getting opinions before you buy. I personally would recommend talking on some of these forums/websites before making any purchase including setting up your budget VPS with YDGH!

Good luck with your lower end VPS hunt and if you have any questions or need any help finding the right VPS for your needs DO NOT hesitate to contact us any time! We offer some of the cheapest Dallas VPS, Chicago VPS, and LA VPS at this time.